Hi everyone!

Sorry this post doesn’t have gorgeous pictures, sponsored advertisements, or anything particularly eye catching but this is only the beginning! I’m more telling myself this than any of you haha I’ve dreamed of having a beautiful and well planned blog for years! I have journals, planners, and all sorts of stuff written and plan but never put to action!! I know, I know for someone so motivated how can this be?!?

Well I’ll tell you I am human and just like everything else I have started including my business I have done on pure desire and intuition. This post literally came to me about 30 minutes ago halfway through my morning run! I am currently sweaty and cold sitting on my front porch typing this out with my dogs staring at me waiting for me throw their ball haha!

But I feel it is time and I need to say this now. I am thankful everyday for a physical transformation that has taken root in me to a very emotional, life changing transformation. My story is a very human experience that has allowed me to share with the world and I can’t say it enough that I am truly blessed. I feel the lessons I have learned are worth sharing with the world and of course the people, like you in my life. Because why else are we on this earth but to share our human experiences with one another.

So, if you are reading this post, thank you from the bottom of my big, beat up and beautiful heart! I hope you find my life, knowledge, and lessons helpful in your own experience. What you can expect from this blog is similar rantings from emotional events during exercise haha, recipes I use on the daily and fun ones I concoct 😈,  tips and advice about exercises, emotional hurdles during transformation/growth, and of course more motivation than your little heart can handle!

Until next time, stay Motivated!

-Alicia K♥️