Finding Balance

Hello, hello!
It’s me again and I’m back but this time with a more in depth talk about something I feel is so important in life and thats balance. I’m not going to feed you the idea that we can actually find the time to have all our bases covered or be some sort of super hero that no one is upset with or can literally do it all. What I want to help you do is make sure that what YOU find important stays in check. I know my clients can also quote me screwing the famous adage up and it goes something like “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” And I have found this to be 100% true in my life. Because whether I like to admit it or not I am a people pleaser, a yes ma’am, and will work myself to death to keep the rest of the world happy. Why? I’m not sure yet but I am getting better and better on balancing whats important to me and heres how I do it, sit tight, enjoy the read, and keep all negative comments to yourself ahaha! Kidding but not really!
1.) Prioritize:
For me this was a biggie! I spent most of my time trying to keep “it” all together, all of the time and when I realized that “it” was driving me absolutely bonkers the thought occurred to me “how can all one these things hold the same value?” There is no way writing a new program for a client and getting a sweat stain out of my favorite tee-shirt are on the same level of importance. Another great example of something worth prioritizing are opinions. There was no way I could keep my life together when I was allowing an opinion of some internet troll or some ya-who off the street’s opinion of me have the same value as a loved or dare I say.. my own. See, I have found by not prioritizing what or who is important can leave you feeling bat-s*** crazy because there are too many balls in the air for you to catch! If you find you are having a hard time doing this then sit your happy bottom down in a chair and hammer out a list.. we all know how much I love lists😈 Write down what/who are important and/or what needs down first. If its tasks that need accomplishing then checking them off of a physical list can be sooo satisfying!
2.)Say NO!
For Pete’s Sake say no when necessary. We live in a world where everyone is telling you to say yes! Say yes to this new friend request, say yes to going to this event, say yes to this new weight loss pill, say yes to the dress, good God the list is never ending! And I know saying yes can open you up to new opportunities, new people, new ways to better yourself but honestly when you are asked to say yes go back to your list of who/what are important to you and if you find said activity is not adding value to the list of important than please for your sanity say NO!
3.) Create A Routine:
If you feel as if your being pulled in too many directions add some structure! Creating a routine in your life that you enjoy will make you feel just the slightest in more balance or for a little while like you’ve got some control over your day! I find a morning routine of waking up 2 hours prior to work or working out adds time in my day for a cup of coffee and time with my puppies before my day gets hectic or filled with obligations. I wake up, stretch, snuggle my pups, grab my cup of warm coffee, and head out my front door sometimes (most of the time) before the sun is even up and I love it! Life can and will be unpredictable but at least I have this part of my day together.
4.) Give To Yourself First:
This may seem stupid or maybe profound but giving to yourself allows you to better fulfill the roles you’re failing or struggling to balance! Again, you cannot fill from an empty cup! So carving out time in your day to care for yourself should be a top priority if not number one! And I understand this can be hard if you have children, a demanding work schedule, a loved one who is sick and needing your care. But I argue that if you don’t put yourself first all of these things will suffer. Your kids will feel your tension, your job performance will be subpar, your loved one will feel as if they are a burden, and I know you don’t want that! So, please for the love of all that is holy take care of you first!
5.) Remember, This Too Shall Pass!
Last but not least, if the world is on your shoulders or if your feeling like you’re about to tip over,  just like any hard time in your life this too shall pass! Whatever is going on in your life is only going to continue right now! Change what you can to make this situation better but don’t forget this will blow over like it always has.
I hope you find my lessons (rantings) useful and maybe a little motivating. So get out there and tell em no darling; live the life that makes you most excited to be alive!

Until next time, stay Motivated!
-Alicia K💛